Nathalie Kassis, PT, MPT

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Nathalie Kassis

Nathalie Kassis, PT, MPT

Physical Therapist
Integrated Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy

Nathalie graduated from Lebanese University in 1996. She began working in the United States in 1998 as a fully licensed Physical Therapist. She is fluent in three languages, English, French, and Arabic.

Nathalie strives to provide an enjoyable atmosphere for her patients all while making significant gains in their recovery at the same time.

Nathalie is very strong in treating orthopedic conditions having over 10 years experience with such conditions including; back pain, knee pain, knee replacements, ankle surgery or sprains, etc.

Nathalie enjoys a hands on approach with her patients and believes that to be able to heal a patient you must spend time with each one and place a healing hand upon them.

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