We strive for patient success and satisfaction. We’re dedicated to providing a great service and love to share our great feedback we get from our clients. Here’s what our patient are saying about our services and staff.

I would highly recommend Integrated Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy. I started PT in May 2011 for a shoulder injury. I had severe tendonitis and was trying to avoid surgery. I went to PT two times a week and didn’t have to have anything bigger done. I have been to other physical therapy places and you are pretty much doing your exercises on your own. At Integrated, you have the physical therapist right near you, watching to make sure you do your exercises correctly. The place is very clean and there is plenty of room to do your exercises without getting in anyone’s way. They really know their stuff and do it in a caring way. The atmosphere is friendly.

— Kim R.

This was my first experience with physical therapy for a back issue. I am so impressed with Integrated Sports Medicene, the environment is friendly, the staff and pyshical therapists are very professional and extremely knowledgable. 8 weeks of physical therapy and I am pain free and in control of my body again. I can highly recommend this office to anybody in need of physical therapy.

— Susann L.

Integrated Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy is one of the best rehabilitation clinics in Northern Virginia. I have struggled with multiple injuries over the years, most recently arthroscopies on both hips, and the team at Integrated always gets me back in the game in better condition than before. Robyn O’Connor and her staff are top notch, and will work tirelessly to help you reach your rehabilitation goals. Additionally, the Integrated facilities are not to be omitted and are just as impressive as the staff. I always recommend Integrated Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy to anyone in need of physical rehabilitation, and will continue to do so.

— Matt G.

I have been to Integrated Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy for a knee injury and knee surgery. They did an amazing job. I send everyone I know there because they do such great work!

— Stacy S.

Without the hard work of Integrated Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, I’d be in terrible shape!

— Barbara M.

I highly recommend Integrated Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. I refer my patients, family and friend to them. They always get the best results with my patients.

— Orthopedist; Lansdowne, VA